Export Guidelines:

To optimize image file sizes, and allow for expedient in-app rendering, export images as follows:

  1. Ensure the correct format for the asset type
  2. Do not include metadata
  3. Convert to sRGB
  4. Do not embed color profile

Please note that all assets must be 10MB or less!

File Naming:
  • File name cannot exceed 72 characters (not including extensions like “.jpg” or “.png”)
  • No special characters (e.g. ! @ # $ % {} <> | ?)
  • No blank spaces – please use underscores or dashes where suggested
Title ID number for the series, movie, show, or episode
Network or studio name abbreviated
Free-form detail field that includes the asset dimensions. For an episode asset, please include the season and episode information.
Release Year
Season year or movie release year
Identifier of the asset type

Series Example —

Episode Example —

Box Drive:
  • We will share with you a folder on our Box drive
  • Please drop all required assets here so our internal team can QC, track, and troubleshoot if need be
Box Drive